Let's go for the preparation

This week we finally got to try our Pino tandem. We went to Annecy, France to test this little marvel for one hour. This little loop revealed to be exactly how we imagined it: perfect. The person behind is comfortably installed and the person in the front is seated in what you can only qualify as a luxurious armchair in cycling vocabulary! Communication is very easy and pleasant because we are very near one another. Moreover, we can only be happy about the unobstructed view which can be enjoyed by both of the bikers. The day after the test, we ordered the tandem Pino Tour and hope for it to arrive in one or two weeks! Can't wait!!!

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    Alan Abramovitch (mercredi, 20 mai 2015 11:50)

    It looks amazing, I wish a lot of freedom spirit and discoverys on this journey. Hug for both of you. :)