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Are you happy to travel with us through this website? 

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Then buy us some kilometres!!! Your generosity will be rewarded, of course: 


10 km: a thank you email and a great picture from our trip 

50 km: a postcard

100 km: a small gift will be sent to you 

200 km: a big gift will be sent to you 

500 km: a calendar with a selection of our nicest pictures 

1000 km: a calendar + a meal with us 



500 km: a customizable page on our website (please contact us for details) 

1000 km: we have your name engraved on a panel and will put it somewhere on the planet ;) 


1km = 1 CHF = 1 € = 1$

Thanks to the people who support us

  • Ely Braun
  • Jacqueline Vincent
  • Sandra Talarico
  • Alvaro Gonzales
  • Mark et Peggy Atherton

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