Who are we?

We are two Swiss born in 1987. We have been together for more than twelve years and our priority has always been: travelling. Anysia is a teacher since 2013 and Alexi is a paramedic since 2010. 


Described by Anysia

Alexi is the man of my dreams. He is an exceptional being. He is always in a good mood, always ready to help. He loves life and enjoys it very much. He knows how to appreciate every moment of it without wasting time with things that don't really matter. He knows how to make me laugh and how to comfort me. He is strong and sensitive, both at the same time. He is everything to me and I can't wait to share this "Big journey" with him because I know that whatever happens, I can always count on him and we will be happy forever. 

His favorite quote

"On a journey, problems always find solutions and will turn into funny anecdotes."


Described by Alexi

Anysia is wonderful, she is sensitive to every being she may encounter. She loves the world and people. She could dedicate her life to others, to give them joy, happiness and chocolate cakes! A little something can make her happy and she marvels at the simple things in life. She can make me laugh the whole day long. I cannot wait to share this adventure with the love of my life because every moment with her will turn into marvellous memories. 

Her favorite quote

Happy he who like Ulysse has made a fine voyage

Happy he who like Ulysses has seen hundreds of lands

And has regained again, after many years of wandering

The country of his green years