Our journey

Our first trips

Our first trip together was a bike loop in Sardinia at age 17. Then, we discovered travelling by car, bus, train and plane which brought us to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Myanmar and Vietnam during these last ten years. 


Our "Big journey" in tandem 

In 2010, while we were travelling in Malaysia, we had the idea of taking a "Big Journey" as we called it for many years. At that time, it was a very vague project: we only knew we wanted to travel the world without any time limit. Then, in 2012, we went back to our first transport method: biking. In 4 weeks and 1500 km, we crossed Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and finished our trip in Igoumenitsa, Greece. And so, it became obvious to us that biking would be our transport during our "Big journey". Our only reluctance was the physical separation between us while travelling with two bikes: communication isn't easy. We missed talking to each other like we used to do when we travelled by car, train, bus or plane. That's why we began to look for a tandem which would better suit us than two separate bikes. As we discovered the Pino tandem from Hase, we instantly fell in love with it: this would be our ride during our "Big journey". 


What itinerary?

It is going to be an itinerant journey in tandem for many months or years, who knows? We don’t have any kilometer target per day because we want to take our time, to stop whenever we would like to. We want to follow our desires, our feelings our spirits. That’s why we don’t have any precise itinerary, nor visa (at the moment) because we dream about living total freedom to be deciding every day our way. We will leave from Geneva, Switzerland in September 2015 after our wedding. Our “Big journey” turns out to be our honeymoon! A long and full of surprises honeymoon. We will be heading towards the hotter countries at first, in order to avoid the cold of autumn and winter that could already get the northern countries colder.  

So, we left for France, Spain, maybe Portugal and then Morocco. After that we don't know if we want to go to South America or go to Eastern Europe and then Asia. For more details about our trip, follow us on our blog or subscribe to our newsletter.


Which accommodation? 

We are going to travel with a tent, warm sleeping bags and excellent Therma-Rest mattresses. This equipment will allow us to have a comfortable accommodation by all weather conditions. It will also give us the freedom of choosing to stop whenever we would like to, which is very important when you travel by bike.