Road Iquique-Huara-Colchane-Pisiga by bike

Short summary of the road from Chile to Bolivia, starting from Iquique to Colchane and Pisiga.

We did this road in May 2016 see the article it's here.

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De Iquique a Huara

Km Kmtot Place Water Food Description
0 0 Iquique     Big city with bike shop (Redolfi cycle, very good service)
 12         Long climb, wide emergency lane and quite important traffic
   12 Alto Hospicio o o Take the right lane on arrival, in order to avoid highway forbidden to bicycles and without continuous emergency lane. Large supermarkets.
 38         No house on the way, long climb. Little traffic. Bicycles theoretically not allowed on this stretch of road, but no problems, large emergency lane. Last 15 km downhill.
   50 Humbertstone ?   Site registered in UNESCO.
 6         6 km flat on the ruta 5, good supply point but in the wrong direction
   56 Pozo Almonte o o Full of small supermarcados and central market.
 32     ?   On the way military base,  ask for water? Ruta 5 with moderate traffic
   88 Huara o o Just before entering Huara  watermelons seller on the left

Huara to Colchane and Pisiga on the Road 15

In general, there was little traffic on this road, approximately 1 car / 15 minutes

Km ruta 15 Km tot Place Water Food Description
0  88 Huara  o  o Big village we did not stop here as we bought all our provisions in Pozo Almonte
18 106    ?   At km 18 there is a house, possibility to ask for water?
22 110 Crossing to Tarapaca o



Houses and small restaurant.

Here we planted our tent. It is the crossing to go down to Tarapaca village.

          Absolutely nothing in the way, to reach the villages you have to go downhill 
72.5  160.5 Before Chusmiza o



Houses and small restaurant. Cookies, bread.

Here we planted our tent.

75  163 Chusmiza o o Thermal bath for 1000 pesos/p, enter the village and ask at the hous behind the "thermal bath" sign, in the curve. You can buy some basic food. Cabañas in the village.
          2 houses on the road at approximately km100, but seemed empty


Quebe o   One inhabitant in this small village. Low warm thermal water to shower.
155  243 Village? ? ? Village in construction
160  248 Colchane o o Congratulations you have arrived. There are mini shops (we could not test them it was Sunday). There is a Saturday market. Possibility of having a hotel. No bank or ATM.
 163  251 Pisiga Bolivar o o Exchange Pesos, Dolar. No bank or ATM. We found a basic room for 30 Bolivianos / person. Gas station. Small store with fruits, vegetables, etc...


From Chusmiza to Pisiga

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